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Apr 22, 2017
Gardenias with yellow leaves: Our gardenias leaves are starting to rapidly yellow. Any ideas what might be wrong?
We planted them last fall, and they were happy though the winter. In the last week, their leaves have suddenly and rapidly begun to yellow. I thought they might be getting too much water, but the soil is dry, and tho our irrigation isn't yet turned on, we have gotten a little rain here or there. I don't think they have too much water. If anything, I would have guessed too little. Any ideas? Thanks!

Brenton Roper of Ropa Roofing PRO answered:

Apr 25, 2017

sounds like too much water.  Pine straw has acidity in it and helps transfer the nutrients properly to acid loving plants.  Fertilizer could also be needed.  Plant nutrient deficiencies vary and sometimes the necrosis in the leaves can identify the issue or which nutrient is lacking... 

Maritza Rosales answered:

Apr 24, 2017

Gardenias, I love Gardenias!  Have you tried a fertilizer for acid loving bushes?  You can go to a nursery or even The Home Depot or Lowe's and explain what's going on, and then they can recommend what you should do for them. 

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