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N Syk asked:

Jun 21, 2019
Dog chewed up our french doors. How to fix them? Pictures included.
A dog chewed up our solid wood, painted french doors. The tricky part is he got the trim between the glass panes and along the edge where the doors meet. If we want to repair ourselves can someone tell me how much time this could take? What materials I need and how much it will cost? If in your opinion this is a repair for a professional, what type of craftsperson should I look for (carpentry?), and how much would you estimate the cost to be? Thank you for your time.
Jun 29, 2019

Its painted; go to hardware store.  Buy spackle and sand paper.  Sand it down, spacke the scrapes.  Sand the spackle.  Repeat again, though after this spackle prime the door.  Then spackle and prime and paint.  You are looking at spackle 3 or more times, priming it more than once and then paitning two coats.  Alot of work.  But less expensive than a new door.  

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