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Steve Adams of GuildQuality PRO asked:

Feb 18, 2016
Can I install a laminate wood flooring on top of existing laminate wood flooring?
The existing laminate is glued on a concrete pad very well and there is enough room by the baseboards and doors for the new floor to exist without having spacing issues. The new floor would be a 12mm floating floor with a pad underneath.
Feb 24, 2016


It sounds like the existing laminate flooring is solid and free from flex. If so, you will have no problem installing the new laminte over the old. You will want to use a sound absorbing pad underneath to avoid a hollow sound as well as potential squeeks between the 2 laminate surfaces. Best of luck!

David Domenichini

D.R. Domenichini Coosntruction

I probably would not recomend it.  A laminate floor is a floating floor and the flex, expansion and contraction of both as well as the hollow sound you can have with a laminate may give you undesireable results.  Laminates come out very easily and I feel it worth your while to remove the 1st laminate to elimate any future floor structural issues and install the new floor to the manufacturer's specifications.

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