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Leon Meyers

Al Kozich asked:

Oct 28, 2014
Nov 1, 2014

Generac, Kohler and Briggs Stratton control about 90% of the residential standby generator market in the US.  All three are established manufacturers with broad and reliable product lines.  A more important consideration might be standby generator control systems - modern CPU-based controls make it possible to serve more loads with less capacity than older on-off only controls.  

Getting to the best match for each individual situation requires sales technicians who stay current on changing generator and control product lines as well as basic residential wiring.  

Here are some questions you should hear from your sales person:

  1. Do you require your heating system to operate during power loss?
  2. Do you require your air conditioning system to operate during power loss?
  3. Do you require your domestic water heating system to operate during power loss?
  4. Does your house depend on a private water supply system?
  5. Does your house depend on a private sewage disposal system?
  6. Is natural gas available to your property?  Do you have LP gas service in your area?
  7. Do you have special standby electric power needs?
  8. Based on a complete list of your standby electric power requirements, please arrange the loads in priority order.

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