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Apr 20, 2020
A repair person told me there is no point in replacing the exhaust fan in my bathroom because it does not exhaust to the outdoors, there's just a space it vents
to above the ceiling and below the floor above. My bathroom is of course getting a moldy ceiling. There is no way to vent to the outdoors due to the location of the bathroom. What do you recommend?

There are exhaust fans that have a filter and move the air in the bathroom but do not vebt to the outside, this takes cae of the odor. To address the mold you can repaint the bathroom ceiling with a quality paint like Emerald from Sherwin Williams and add a mildew inhibitor to the paint. (it is a liquid that you add to the paint that stops mold from growing) We have used it several times in bathooms and our clients have never called us saying the mold is back. I would also highly recomend leaving the bathroom door open after you shower so that the steam does not stay in the bathoom.

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