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Tom Gunter asked:

Jan 14, 2015
What is the best way to get latex paint out of carpet?
We recently had some painters paint our house and we later found they had dripped a little paint in one room. Some is white ceiling paint and some is the blue wall paint. I believe it is berber carpet.
Jan 15, 2015

Here is the very short answer, but has been effective over the past decade and a half.

Start with Warm Soapy Water (Should probably get the majority depending on the density of the spill) and if that is not enough fire power use Denatured Alcohol.  Always try to avoid chemicals if possible as different carpet reacts differently to chemicals depending on the actual material and dye they use.   

Michael Sawick answered:

Jan 14, 2015

Hello Zack,

As a painting company with a few thousand interior painting projects under our belt we've had a couple drops of paint on carpeting over the years. We take two courses of action:

1. We start with the absolute most gentle process possible. Soap and water on a cotton cloth dabbing the spot. Don't ever rub or smear the area as it could result in spreading rather than removing the stain.

2. If we're not able to remove the paint this way we call in a professional. There are too many variables when it comes to carpeting chemistry and weave to risk making the problem worse and ending up with a large carpet replacement bill to gamble.

Carpet cleaners have an entire arsenal of cleaning materials, equipment, and specialized knowledge when it comes to removing stains.

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