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Sep 14, 2015
What is the best way to build shelving in the garage?
What materials work best? Are hanging shelves from the ceiling a practical and efficient option?

John Todd of Elite Remodeling PRO answered:

Oct 30, 2015

Visit your local Container Store, they have great closet and shelving systems.  We have a set in our Showroom and several of our customers have used them for laundry rooms and one is building their entire new master closet out of their product.

Ray Gottsleben of Working Space PRO answered:

Oct 2, 2015

Hi Anthony.  There are several types fo shelving especially well suited to a garage.  Garage shelving generally needs to be able to hold higher weight capacites than, say, pantry shelving. You want something rated for at least 50 punds per lnear foot.  "On Wall" shelving should be easily adjustable with the ability to add more shelves in the future with a minumum of effort. Epoxy coated wire shelves will hold up well in a garage environment - better than melamine or foil faced shelving. Wire shelves also don't collect dust like solid shelves will.  Shelves can be mounted to vertical standards that are secured to the wall, or can be installed on a slot wall system which will also allow for other types of storage accessories to be used along with your shelving.  You may also consider extra heavy duty and deep shelving (24" deep) higher on the wall, above your head.  These are great for large bulky or seasonal items like coolers, holiday decorations, lawn furniture cushions and the like.  Hope this helps! 


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