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Daniel Hoff asked:

Feb 8, 2015
Do tankless water heaters require any maintenance?
Feb 11, 2015

Daniel, Gavigan Uses Tankless water heat ( Gas or LP) when ever possible. The industry and level of Quaity have surpassed common standards. Knowing how to check and possibly service the system is a a Must. The systems are low maintance although knowing Why and how to check if it's working is key incase of a power outage, freeze, or just need to know. 

PRO TIP: KNOW WHERE THE FLUSH Lever is and how to remedy in a freeze situation. See if you need a 7 or 9 Gallon system ( flow) 


Billy Gavigan

Mar 19, 2015

There is minimal maintenance to keep the water heater running good as new. Here is a quick link to some helpful steps

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