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Residential Renovations

Jul 8, 2019
Jul 27, 2019

Call a professional certified roofer who can do a full inspection and report of how to proceed. Professional roofers can bring insite and cost savings others might not. They have years of experience and a trained eye to make sure all problems with a roof are discovered and remedied! Remember - When hail hits an asphalt shingle it often knocks off the protective granule coating. Once the granules are gone, the protective layer underneath is exposed to the elements. Always call a professional roofer!

Devon Smart asked:

Oct 28, 2015
Nov 10, 2015

No, but have you thought about contacting a manufacturer and asking for a local referral. Sometimes it is an unknown fact but home remodeling product manufacturers have authorized dealers and installation crews listed on their site! This guarantees the best match. We always explain to homeowners having a certified installer is more important than price! Residential Renovations works very hard to make sure all installers from roofing, siding and windows to decking, sunrooms and beyond is installed by professional crew members who are trained as the manufacturer warranties. Good luck with your project! You can visit our website at to learn more about Residential Renovations - serving Ohio and Michigan homeowners!

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