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Kowalski Construction

Adam Knecht asked:

Aug 30, 2016
Sep 1, 2016

If it's solid red it might be indicating a tripped GFCI, if it's flashing it might be defective. When I say might it's because not all GFCI-s have the same type of light or color. Some are lit when on, some when tripped. I hope this helps

Jul 19, 2016
Aug 10, 2016

LED's are becoming a lot more affordable & we are seeing a higher percentage of customers using them. Might consider these if you haven't already.

T Calvin asked:

Apr 21, 2016
Jul 15, 2016

When sunken living rooms were the rage, many of them were below grade. Later on some decided that being on all one level was more desirable so it became popular to fill them with concrete to the level of the rest of the home. This was an effective solution for concrete on grade homes.

Jul 9, 2016
Jul 15, 2016

So that I can better answer your question, can you further explain what you mean when you say "cap over". I am thinking that perhaps you are referring to the horizontal trim piece between your siding & the top of your foundation, but am not sure. 

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