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Vanessa De Capitani

Robert Lehr asked:

Nov 10, 2014
Mar 5, 2015

We have been in the gutter protection industry for over 30 years now and we have seen plenty of hyped products come and go over this time. Gutter Helmet stands alone at the top in terms of professionally installed systems on the market today followed by Leafguard and then Topper.

Gutter Helmet's design, engineering and patented bracket design is unmatched in our opinion in the industry. We, meaning our dealership used to sell Leaffilter and some other screen products for some commercial applications and they were all terrible in terms customer unhappiness and product performance over a short period of time. If you want to offer it, be warned on a high volume of service and call backs. The same principal of a screen or filter inside your home still applies if you have a filter over your gutters outside. All filters and screens eventually get filled or clogged, and then they have to be replaced or cleaned off. On any given day/week, our installation crews across 8 states are removing metal/plastic/vinyl screens on 80% of the jobs we do. Last year company wide we did approx. 6,000 Gutter Helmet installs across territories in the NE and Midwest. Any screen or filter company offering a lifetime warranty or guarantee, you should run immediately because it will fail, yes the gutter will not clog but the screen will clog and most screen warranties do not cover this. They take your money and then say it's your responsibility to clean it. Some even hand out brushes after installing the product. 

Gutter Helmet is not 100% flawless by any means, nor is any of the other gutter products I listed, but it works the best in terms of controlling heavy amounts of rainwater and keeping debris out. Gutter Helmet does come with a lifetime mfr. no clog performance warranty which is unmatched by any other warranty. Most gutter protection warranties are backed by a dealer, not a mfr. like Gutter Helmet which is owned by Gibraltar Industries. Everyone should do their research on the warranty and whose really backing it just like windows, etc.  

Full Disclosure: We offer Gutter Helmet because it’s the best quality period and over 90% of our customers recommend our product + experience to others, if that ever changed or we saw something that was better, we would offer it no questions asked. That’s our commitment on every product we offer.  

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