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Terry Stamman

Feb 17, 2014

Terry Stamman answered:

Feb 24, 2014


It is perfectly fine to paint brick.  Here are some things to consider.  You need to clean it fiirst.  I recommend a thorough power wash with a 25 degree tip.  Keep the nozzle back at least six inches while you are doing this.  Then, you need to rub your fingertips across the brick and mortar.  If a lot of particles are dislodged, you need to apply a masonry conditioner.  This will help bind the particles together.  If no particles, or very few, are dislodged, then apply a masonry primer.  Remember to let the surface dry  for at least three days after the powerwash.  You are forcing water throught the brick and it will take a few days for it to dry.  After the primer or conditioner has dried, apply a high quality latex or elastomeric paint.  You will enjoy your work for many years.

One proviso:  Do not paint the brick if it is horizontal like the top of a planter.  That will peel and very quickly.  However, painting on brick on sidewalls is perfectly fine.

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