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Todd Kreger asked:

Jun 23, 2020
How much / how many degrees approximately can I cool down my garage by installing a ceiling exhaust fan?
I life in Miami and the garage gets very hot in the summer and I am trying to cool it down so I can workout in it. The basics are: I'm looking at this product: iLiving - 10" Wall Mounted Exhaust Fan - Vent Fan For Garage Ventilation, 600 CFM, 900 SQF Coverage Area. Installing it as high as I can and as far from the garage door as I can. The garage door has a screened row at the bottom for airflow intake. So the airflow will help even thou the temperatures may still be in the mid 80s. Thanks, Todd


Jul 8, 2020

Depends on the outside air temperture realative to the temperature in your garage - your going to be pulling in outside air & pushing out the inside air - the only time youll get cooling is if ouside temp is less than inside yemp....

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