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Jun 3, 2015
When a house is built and there's scratches as to where you can see a drill was use to install cave it's, is there a monetary value compensation or replace?

Rob Myers of Myers Homes PRO answered:

Jul 11, 2015

I assume by "cave" you might been "cove" or some other trim or millwork. It isn't a hard thing to fill any scratches, resand, and touch up an area like that, and that's something your builder should have no problem doing for you. Good luck!

Dec 10, 2015

If it's paint grade, filling and sanding shouldn't be to hard to do. If it's a stain grade, it should be replaced. repairs on stainable wood always seems to stand out.

If it bugs you have the contractor fix. If you do not your eye will go to that spot everytime.

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