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Apr 8, 2014
Do you know what are the best faucets n fixtures for kitchen and bathroom remodeling?
Jun 6, 2014

I agree that buying quality fixtures is the way to go.  We have had our best results using Moen, plus they carry a Lifetime Warranty.  There are many good models but we have had the most success with the Kingsley line for bathroom remodeling.  Not only is Moen Kingsley available in the most popular finishes of Chrome, Brushed Nickel and Oil Rubbed Bronze but you can coordinate with matching fixtures for the entire bathroom including accessories like toilet paper holders, towel bars, robe hooks, etc.  Let's face it, you get what you pay for!

Apr 10, 2014

Plumbing fixtures are one area where you want to make sure that you choose quality.  To the untrained eye, the only real way to rate them is on the style or outward appearance.  However the tolerances involved internally are really important.  Buying one of the bargain brands will often cause more expense and headache in the long run.  Kohler and Moen are both high quality brands available widely and I recommend either.  Generally I suggest that a homeowner should budget around $100 for a bathroom faucet and $200+ for a kitchen faucet.  When I was installing a lot of bathrooms and kitchens, I found that cheaper products were either defective right out of the box, or required a call back within 6 months about 50% of the time. Definitely, not worth the hassle.

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