Photo By EVOKE. EVOKE Model Complex

EVOKE Model Complex

EVOKE homes are modern, intuitive, functional and have cross generational appeal. They are designed and appointed for a range of lifestyles. Buying an EVOKE home is about more than just building a house, it’s about designing your home to fit your lifestyle. Our homes combine stunning architecture designed to elicit harmony between the indoor and outdoor spaces and create natural gathering places for your family and friends. The outcome is that your EVOKE home creates a genuine balance between you, your home and your community by tailoring every aspect of the home buying and owning experience to your lifestyle. We are passionate about design and are lifestyle architects. EVOKE was borne from the heart of continuous innovation at Quadrant Homes. We have spent years of meticulous research and conducted countless targeted discussions with focus groups, all aimed at finding the essence of what people needed to live purposefully, live distinctly and live together in their homes and communities. We believe that once you see our homes, you will agree that we have discovered what differentiates a house from a home!