Photo By Kirkpatrick's Construction. Award Winning Basement Remodel

Award Winning Basement Remodel

Our clients had several requirements for us to address for their basement renovation project. They wanted to create a versatile and welcoming space to be used universally as a play area for the children as well as a guest area for visitors. This included creating a full bathroom and guest suite and maximizing square footage by adding extra storage space. Unusual constraints or challenges: The biggest challenge of this project was to make the bottom of the basement stairs turn out in both directions. The catch to this seemingly simple task was that the kitchen floor above was preventing this from happening. For this reason, our clients had a very difficult time finding someone who would take on such a challenging project, but we were able to come up with a solution without disturbing the kitchen cabinetry or appliances. Overall results of the project: The clients were thrilled that our company was willing to take on this challenging project and were impressed by the solution and end results of the remodel. The finished basement has continuity throughout the individual rooms and looks elegant and stylish, yet comfortable and functional also as a safe area for children to play in.