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Shaun McGuinness

Nov 16, 2015
Mar 8, 2016

Agreeing with most of the other comments here, we would suggest fixing the roof first to correct any water issues that may stem from it (i.e. ponding water near foundation, etc.) as well as gutter repair or install to run the water from the roof away from the foundation and home . In addition, its a good idea to look at the ground around the home to ensure that during rain or precipitation events, the ground runoff water is flowing away from the home or at least divert it away from the home if possible (i.e. adding drainage, etc.) before addressing the foundation. If you hire foundation professionals that take the time and care to properly raise the home and replace or repair foundation correctly, there should be no issues with the roof or any other aspects of the home. Hire a fully insured and licensed company always! Hope this helps!

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