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Michael Hamilton

John Ford asked:

Feb 17, 2014
Feb 18, 2014

The first thing is to decide is this going to be just a swap out of fixtures in place of existing fixtures, a full custom redesign of your bath or a combination of those two. Then you should create a realistic budget for what work you would like to do. The problem can be what is a realistic budget? You can call bathroom remodeling contractors and designers in your area and get a feel for what a bathroom remodel might cost just by having a few phone conversations. Be up front with details and ideas that you might be thinking about. The more information you share the better feedback they will be able to give you. With these phone calls you will not only get a good feel for what it might need to invest to get the bath you have pictured in your mind, but will have a chance to interview a few different contractors and designers on the phone. Then you can decide which two or three you would like to have out to do a in person on site interview.

The best bathroom remodels are the ones that start with a realistic budget, clear defined set of plans and a contractor or designer that you fully trust for guidance and advice. 

Michael Hamilton

On Time Baths

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