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Lynn Franchino

Feb 7, 2015
Feb 3, 2016

There aren't many areas on the east coast where termites aren't a common problem that need to be addressed.  A good bet is to hire a pest company to treat your house and then hire them for an ongoing service contract.  You'll be protected if any subsequent infestation occurs and their policies (at least here in central NJ) will cover repairs if damage occurs while your house is under their care.

Bruce James asked:

Nov 17, 2015
Feb 3, 2016

Hard to tell exactly what kind of cracking problem you have, but if you suspect it's a structural issue, then contact a Professional Engineer.  Some cracking is commonplace and would be considered a minor or even cosmetic repair.  Other cracks can indicate a structural problem and should be examined by a licensed engineer.  It's highly likely that an experienced general contractor or masonry contractor can tell you what the problem is and what a reasonable solution might be but if you want an answer that can be used for permit application or some other official purpose, then you'll need to work with an engineer.

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