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Bill Shipley

John Ramey asked:

Feb 18, 2014
Jun 17, 2015

Like everyone else has mentioned you have to do your due diligence in securing a high quality contractor. However, you the client may want to switch the context of the question. If you are implying that your residence address has an assumed effect on the face value of your estimate, then I would have to make the assumption that your address dictates a certain level of implied “quality” if you will. So if your tastes and  design are at an architectural standard  that requires high end craftsmanship and the price point will reflect such expertise. When doing a project in your home you always want to pay for the knowledge and not just the brawn. If you were remodeling a kitchen in a small rental apt in a college town community your price point again would reflect the simplicity of the job. Hope this helps…

Feb 17, 2014
Jun 17, 2015

If you have made the decision to hire a contractor to complete any home improvement project I would recommend they meet the following minimum qualification(s)

  1. Make sure they are licensed in the field they work in
  2. Make sure they have insurance $1M minimum
  3. Make sure you can work with their demeanor...If you have a Type A personality dont hire a laid back non chalant contractor 
  4. Make sure the estimates and/or proposals are written and cover the scope of work in detail
  5. Hire the right person for the right task...dont ask a carpentar to replace your electrical panel.
  6. Never pay 100% of contract price, agree upon a payment schedule i.e. 33% down at signing, 33% at project start and remaining balance to be paid upon substansial completion.

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