Photo By Classic Remodeling. Coleman Renovations

Coleman Renovations

The kitchen in this quirky 1950s ranch serves as the main hub of activity for this family of four. From meal preparation for the family (including the family dogs) to a homework/work station, the renovated kitchen needed to be highly functional with a fresh, clean look that would allow the homeowners to maximize storage in a small space. Doorways were relocated to allow for larger expanses of countertop and better flow from the kitchen to the adjoining pantry and dining room. Cabinet drawers, a drawer microwave and wall ovens keep counters clear and maximize workspace. An extra-deep, raised bar counter allows plenty of room for the family computer and a work area while a charging station for cell phones, ipods and other electronics helps the family stay “connected.” In the pantry, the four-legged family members had their own space which included a large pull-out cabinet for dog food storage and a separate sink for cleaning and filling water bowls. New cabinets and a second refrigerator also allowed for extra storage.