Photo By Baker Renewable Energy. North Raleigh Residence

North Raleigh Residence

Technology: Solar Photovoltaic & Solar Thermal System Size: 7.560kW System Type: Roof Mount, attached Location: Raleigh, NC Overview: Baker Renewable Energy’s recent installation of 7.560kW PV and single collector solar thermal water heater marks BRE’s 3rd hybrid installation this summer in the triangle. By combining multiple energy saving apparatuses and technologies, this residential client located in Raleigh will see lower energy bills for decades to come. This system uses (27) Suntech 280 watt modules, SMA SunnyBoy inverter, (1) SolarHot 4’x10’ collector. During the operational lifespan of the PV system alone it will provide enough energy to power (24) American homes for a year.