Photo By Baker Renewable Energy. Raleigh Residence

Raleigh Residence

Technology: Solar Photovoltaic & Solar Thermal System Size: 5.040kWp DC System Type: Roof Mount, ballasted Location: Raleigh, NC Overview: There seems to have been an uptick lately in the residential market which is always positive; for the economy and for solar! Among the many residential installs we’ve done so far this year, one of Baker Renewable Energy’s recent installs in North Raleigh is a good example of taking advantage of multiple technologies. The project consists of a 5kW PV system for electricity as well as a (1) collector thermal system for hot water. We also replaced the hot water tank with a new, more efficient model. Mr. D later told us after his June billing cycle that his bills were cut in half from the same time last year, $220 down to $105. We are very proud of the work we did at Mr. D’s house, and all of our residential work.