Photo By Attention To Detail Home Remodeling. Complete Kitchen Remodel

Complete Kitchen Remodel

The homeowner called us with excitement and concerns about the kitchen remodel that she wanted to do. We got together to talk about the project. She had the bland white cabinets made out of particle board that showed its age, with brass knobs, and other dated items. She is a busy working mom that needs to prepare daily meals in a hurry and then do holiday cooking as well. We designed her kitchen with an island that made two working triangles to give us four workstations plus a cleaning area. Space and organization was on the top of her list until we got deeper into the design when it became clear that beauty was just as important. This was not a problem because we always have beauty in mind when we design a kitchen (or any remodel) but in our designs form must follow function otherwise it just does not work. Her kitchen was space-starved. We designed for her two pullout pantries, two garage appliance hideaways, two lazy susans, tilt-out trays and very deep drawers for storage under the induction cooktop. Pull out waste and recycling was big to. One of our signature pieces is the pop-up outlet that we place in the middle of the island for safety. Layout was important to have great traffic flow for holidays. We opened up the kitchen by removing the peninsula and giving her an island with just the right dimensions to add a helper should she need one.