Photo By Advantage Remodel. Sunroom Addition

Sunroom Addition

Our clients asked that we design, engineer, and construct a full 4 season sunroom addition for their home. They had looked at other bolt on style metal sunrooms and were not impressed. We decided to take a step further and fully integrate this design so that it would blend seamlessly throughout and appear as if it had always been there. We started with a full crawl space foundation connected to the existing, giving the home owner additional storage space and allowing our team to properly introduce some of the mechanical aspects of the project. Then main walls filled with windows and a fully vaulted cathedral style roof design was incorporated. An engineered beam was installed where the old patio door was once located to give a grand entrance from the existing home into the new space. No detail was overlooked during the design stage so that we achieved the desired results. Exterior materials were carefully matched and new high end Pella vinyl windows and a Pella ProLine patio door were used to give the addition the same look all around. The homeowner also opted to have the entire roof replaced along with new gutters and down spouts, ensuring once again this would appear as if it were a part of the original homes design. Interior trim details were matched and a custom stain blended for all of the woodwork, including the oak window sill and apron detail. A dedicated split system air conditioning unit was used to properly cool the new space along with a unique direct vent gas fireplace by Vermont Castings to keep those chilly days and night warm and cozy (which we designed and built a raised tiled hearth area for to compliment) A curved front deck was in the works for the future, so we incorporated a fully flashed ledger system wrapping 2 sides of the addition during the exterior phase, to help save on additional costs when that time came. End result you might ask? An extremely happy and satisfied client that ended up with exactly what they were looking for - MISSION ACCOMPLISHED