Photo By Kirkpatrick's Construction. Award Winning Wine Cellar

Award Winning Wine Cellar

This wine cellar is one hundred percent custom built white oak with all of the cabinetry built and finished on site. The cellar includes five different types of bottle storage and can accommodate over 1500 bottles of wine. The digital cooling and humidity controls keep the extensive wine collection at its appropriate temperature. The cooling and humidifying unit, which could have potentially been unsightly if placed in the wine cellar, was discreetly camouflaged with a custom cover built into the bottle racks. The most eye-catching feature is the 4' rear barreled arch that is symmetrical with the 3' arch on the door at every angle. This project truly became a showpiece for the clients home. The quaint tasting area outside of the wine cellar provides a great spot for entertaining. Though the cellar is enclosed in a glass wall, the wine stays at the perfect temperature at all times.