Photo By Wood Wise Design & Remodeling Inc..

Small houses, even tiny houses, are gaining support. This older home had too many walls and a terrible floor plan so it was small but desperate for a fresh look and a smarter layout. Long sight lines and new doors allow the home to feel larger than it is. Designed and remodeled by Wood Wise. Difficulties: • This house had wood flooring nailed directly to the old floor joists. Rear rooms had inadequate floor framing that had to be completely rebuilt. We chose to install new flooring directly onto the old flooring at the front. New flooring and subfloor at the rear are a close match in height. • Exterior walls leaned 1 ¼” over 8’ so cabinet installation on outside walls took creativity. Solutions: • Removing the old brick chimney was an added cost on a tight budget so we “cleaned it up” and left it as a tribute to the original structure. • Double vanities with shower entry centered gives the small bathroom a designer feel and a big shower.