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Mid-Atlantic Waterproofing

jan preston asked:

Sep 17, 2014
Sep 29, 2014

Having spent the last 24 years inspecting and waterproofing basements both responses so far are pretty good. The one thing I would add is you need to determine where the water is penetrating. If the water is entering your wall at or above the grade, then the second response from Lima Contracting may work. The only problem I foresee with that option is if it does not work then you will need to remove everything you just spent time and money doing. If the water is entering below grade, then you have to dig the wall out, including the chimney, and seal it properly. The waterproofing membrane that was originally applied to the wall has worn off and is no longer stopping the water from entering your foundation. This should be done prior to the winter freeze if at all possible. If you determine the water is above grade, I would strongly suggest excavating and sealing the wall prior to following Lima's advice. Chances are the below grade waterproofing has deteriorated and if you replace the concrete sidewalk without sealing the wall, you might have to tear it out in a year or two anyway. Lastly if the water is actually coming in through your floor or the joint between your wall and floor, you most likely cannot solve your problem without installing an interior sump pump. Hope the response was helpful. Bill

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