FAQ for Homeowners

Who is GuildQuality?

GuildQuality is the nation’s leader in third-party customer satisfaction surveying for remodelers, homebuilders, and home services contractors. We provide thousands of users with the opportunity to gather unbiased feedback from their clients. With the feedback we gather, our members are able to build customized reports to track company performance, and improve the level of customer service they provide.

What does it mean for a company to be a Guildmember?

GuildQuality members are part of a community of quality-minded remodelers, homebuilders, and home services companies. Our members believe that their ability to deliver consistently exceptional customer experience is important to their long-term success , and they rely on GuildQuality to help them monitor the quality of service they provide. We provide them with real-time, web-based reports of their customer feedback and their performance in contrast with relevant trends among their peers.

Why is GuildQuality contacting me?

Had a home improvement project completed, or built a new home recently? Chances are you’re being contacted by GuildQuality to participate in a customer satisfaction survey regarding your experience working with a member of ours.

Depending on the contact information provided to us, GuildQuality will reach out to you via email, phone, and mailer card to complete your survey. We want to ensure we’re able to connect with you via multiple channels of communication to gather your feedback.

If I participate in a survey will I remain anonymous to your Guildmember?

No. All survey feedback will be submitted directly to the Guildmember in which you had a project completed with. GuildQuality is a third-party customer satisfaction surveying company, which means we will capture all of your feedback good, bad, or ugly and share it with our member. This enables our members to improve the service they provide you and future clients.

What happens to my contact information?

GuildQuality does not share customer information or survey response information with anyone other than the company to which it pertains.

Can my feedback be published anywhere?

Guildmembers have the capability to publish your comments and reviews to their member profile pages on GuildQuality. Your contact information will not be made public, just the feedback.

Can I edit my survey after it’s been submitted?

Forgot a detail, or a name? Not a problem, contact our Member Services team and submit your edits. Please note, some edits may need the consent of our Guildmember prior to implementation.

How can I find out whether or not the company I’m working on a project with, or considering for a project, is a current Guildmember?

Finding our Guildmembers is simple! Visit our home page and you can find our Guildmembers by name, project type, or area.

Are Guildmembers better than non-Guildmembers?

With regard to customer satisfaction, our research shows us that on average, customers would recommend our Guildmembers at a significantly higher rate than customers recommend non-Guildmembers. Nevertheless, some of our Guildmembers rank below the average of even non-Guildmembers.

If a company is a Guildmember, does that mean I am guaranteed to have a great experience with them?

Absolutely not. While we believe our customer feedback is a helpful indicator of future performance, we often deal with small sample sizes that do not accurately represent the company’s actual performance. Further, a number of factors influence the outcome of any construction endeavor or home purchasing experience. Many of them are within the control of the contractor, many are within the control of the customer, and many are out of the control of both parties.