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Modern Yankee Builders

Modern Yankee Builders was founded in early 2000 when its founder, Joe Cracco, decided that the remodeling industry would be well-served by a company which could combine thoughtful design and attention to detail with the planning and organization of dedicated construction management firms. In the first few years, much time was devoted to modifying well-proven construction management techniques to suit the residential remodeling market. Over time, we have tested and proven these processes and, as a result, our clients benefit by enjoying peace of mind during their remodeling experience.

The company has focused on bringing the same level of organization and professionalism to all aspects of the organization. We have developed beneficial trade contractor and vendor relationships which allow us to be responsive to a variety of client needs. Our office staff is dedicated to ensuring that Modern Yankee Builders is run in an organized, accountable and legal manner. We have also invested hundreds of hours to earn advanced professional designations (CAPS, CGR, CGP). This education is a continual process because the only constant is change. Our clients benefit by knowing that they are making sound decisions with their money based on solid, current knowledge.

Over the years, we have developed long-lasting relationships with a number of clients in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. We have displayed our award-winning expertise in a variety of projects including interior remodeling, whole-house renovations, additions and the creation of outdoor living spaces. As our client family grows, we continue to improve our processes and employ new and better materials and techniques to ensure that our clients receive the best remodeling solutions available.

We promise to bring our creative and organizational skills to all aspects of the remodeling project to ensure that we provide both an exceptionally crafted finished product and a pleasant remodeling experience for our clients. In our interactions with clients, designers, vendors, tradespeople and our own staff we believe in:

Respect: We will foster an honest and respectful atmosphere.

Communication: We will strive for clear and continuous communication.

Awareness: We will pay attention to the schedule, the details and life.

Craftsmanship: We will enthusiastically produce our finest work.


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  • 2005 Chrysalis Award
  • 2005 Janus Award
  • 2005 Master Design Award
  • 2006 Chrysalis Award
  • 2008 Best of the Best Design Award

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