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Kirk Enterprises, Inc.

Kirk Enterprises, Inc. is a leading home remodeling contractor in Northern Virginia area. Our main aim is to always strive to deliver the highest quality of work at affordable prices.

Answers from contractors near Manassas, VA

What's the best way to know my builder is staying on top of building my new home if I'm far away in another state during the project?
Apr 29, 2014
Hey Andy,  When dealing with contractors out of state, communication is key. I would suggest that email updates be sent by the builder on a weekly basis accomapined by photos of the progress. You sho ... read more
I live next to a busy road. What can I do to decrease noise in my home office?
Feb 19, 2014
Abe nailed the answer for you. If the windows are due for replacement, look for a window with offset glazing or an option of laminated glass inside the standard set of windows. Dedicated STC windows w ... read more

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