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Kirk Enterprises, Inc.

Kirk Enterprises, Inc. is a leading home remodeling contractor in Northern Virginia area. Our main aim is to always strive to deliver the highest quality of work at affordable prices.

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I have a 50 gal. gas Bradford water heater in my house that is almost 12 years old. I want to replace in the near future. What are my non-tankless options?
May 30, 2015
Your question is a technical question. We would suggest that you go to our website (, to our Vendor Page and contact Plumbing Parts Plus who will be able to answer yo ... read more
What's the best way to test out if my roof is leaking before it rains?
One easy way is to simply go into the attic space and look around and see if there is any staining on the underside of the ply wood.  The most common areas are around pipe and chimney penetrations, in ... read more

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