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Intra Masonry

Intra Masonry is locally owned and operated in Macomb, Michigan and serves the Tri-County area. The company is a second generation masonry specialist built on a family history of over 30 years of masonry experience. Owner, Raffaele Andriolo, keeps that heritage going with over 15 years of his personal experience.

As you review this page, you'll quickly discover that the people who matter most are speaking for us. It's our past customers, including homeowners who have put their trust in us, and general contractors and builders who rely on us to uphold their reputations. We thank them for their time to review us so you can make your decision more confidently.

When you choose Intra Masonry, you are going directly to the source. We do not subcontract, we use only our in house professionals for all types of masonry building and repair. Call us for your project so we can add you to this list of satisfied customers.


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Answers from contractors near Macomb, MI

What's the best way to hang a Christmas wreath on the new door? Can a nail be used to suspend the wreath? Elaine Donnelly
Nov 29, 2016
It would be in the best interest of maintaining the quality of the material to use an over the door wreath hanger. Happy Holidays 
We have a floating home with a separate shed on an adjacent float. What is required to run wire from the main house (separate circuit) to the shed?
Nov 1, 2016
I am sorry, however, this is not work that we do.

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