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Forrest Performance Group

Forrest Performance Group is team of experts in new home sales training and marketing ideas. Jason Forrest, top young trainer , helps salespersons and managers in achieving their targets in real estate with innovative new home sales process and techniques. We are the culture change experts and believe that true change begins at the top, occurs from the inside out, and requires long-term coaching, rather than short-term training.

We provide different programs to increases sales conversion rates by transforming salespeople into sales professionals, sales managers into sales coaches, and companies into sales organizations.

Our Programs are :-

Leadership selling programs Leadership sales coaching programs Leadership sales culture programs

We believe in and teach both the art and science of the sales process. We coach sales professionals on skills and processes (the science), but also provide experiential learning so that they reach a point of self-assurance and confidence (the art) in their sales process.

We are different because we address beliefs, not just behaviors; we are sales professionals ourselves; and we have sold in difficult markets.

We are sales professionals. We are coaches. We are the culture change experts.


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Answers from contractors near Fort Worth, TX

What is the best way to build shelving in the garage?

John Todd of Elite Remodeling PRO answered:

Oct 30, 2015
Visit your local Container Store, they have great closet and shelving systems.  We have a set in our Showroom and several of our customers have used them for laundry rooms and one is building their en ... read more
What is the best way to install 30" high x 72" wide x 5/8 thick double pane fixed glass in vertical wall on roof. I am replacing "cloudy"existing ones
Jan 30, 2015
I agree with Doug, unless you are experienced in glass replacement, let a professional do it.  Definitely check with the manufacturer to see about the warranty unless you are passed your 10 year mark. ... read more
Last edited Jan 30, 2015 11:01am

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