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Founded with over 20 years of experience in the electrical utility industry, ecojiva is much more than an installer. We engineer systems that fuel the grid, interact with the grid, and provide standalone access to power. Our focus is on well-engineered and collaborative solutions designed specifically for our customers and driven by our continuous research and development. ecojiva creates solar systems for agricultural, commercial and industrial enterprises as well as the utility industry. However, we don’t stop there.


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Answers from contractors near Troy, MI

Does any one know a vendor that can add stone work to our gas fireplace in Bothell WA
Nov 10, 2015
No, but have you thought about contacting a manufacturer and asking for a local referral. Sometimes it is an unknown fact but home remodeling product manufacturers have authorized dealers and installa ... read more
What is the best way to clean granite countertops
Sep 30, 2015
Using warm soapy water is the best for daily cleaning.  There are many granite cleaners on the market that will help you if you really want to scrub and bring back that original shine.  Laticrete (for ... read more

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