Who We Are

Our Mission

We seek to elevate the stature of the building and home improvement industry to a level commensurate with its importance. Our Guildmembers build, sell, improve, maintain, and care for people’s homes – and our task is to help them do the best job possible and earn the recognition they deserve for their commitment to service excellence.

Our Values

In pursuit of our mission, we adhere to three core values:


It’s easy and feels safe to keep doing things the way we have been doing them. Change is hard, can be scary, and never happens without someone standing up and saying, “I think we can find a better path.” Never let indifference, fear of failure, or love of comfort keep us from striving for a better way to do things.


Make only commitments that we can deliver, and deliver on those commitments. Do the right thing even if it isn’t in our best near-term interest, because doing the right thing is always in our best long-term interest.


Companies are optimistic creations. At some point, every single company came into existence because its founders felt like they could improve their lives and lives of the people the company touched. But as the years pass, when the people within the company develop a confidence that they know the right path and all those who follow them should be compelled to respect their tenure and follow that same path, then policy and hierarchy begin to creep in. Let’s be vigilant in avoiding the insidious tendency to restrict, distrust, and impede, and let’s mindfully preserve our commitment to having a culture of empowerment.