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We’ll do all of the heavy lifting. You simply encourage your members to apply. Already have an annual awards ceremony or celebration? Our Service Excellence awards fit right into your existing calendar of events, or we can help you construct a celebration of excellence to honor your award recipients.

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How it works

Applicants provide 30-50 customers to be surveyed from the preceding 6-12 months.

After surveying is complete, we’ll work with you to determine the winner(s).

We spend about 4 weeks surveying, utilizing our proven process and tools.

We create physical awards for the winners. We’ll even be present to honor and celebrate the winners.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Service Excellence Award is a way for an organization to recognize the very best among their ranks, and for participants, it’s a way to gather a sample of authentic customer feedback (for free!) to identify areas for improvement, promote excellence, and be recognized for delivering an exceptional customer experience. Please read on for answers to frequently asked questions.

Q: Organizer: I’m part of an organization that wants to offer a Service Excellence award to my network. What am I responsible for?

99% of the work is on GuildQuality. Together with the partnering organization, we will develop a timeline, qualification criteria, and an application form. Both GuildQuality and the organization will promote the award to the organization’s network and encourage companies to apply. Once someone applies, a GuildQuality representative will reach out and explain how to send in the required customer data needed to conduct the surveys, and then we will begin the survey process. At the conclusion of the survey process, we’ll compile the data and rank the winners. Often an organization already has an annual awards ceremony where the Service Excellence award fits in nicely as an additional opportunity for members to be recognized (ex: CotY, PRISM, ACE).

Q: Organizer/Applicant: Is there any charge?

GuildQuality does not charge the partnering organization to host a Service Excellence award, nor do we charge the individual applicants who wish to participate in the award. Occasionally an organization will charge an entry fee to applicants as part of their existing award process. This is decided on by the organization and not by GuildQuality.

Q: Organizer: How long does the process take?

We like to have three months to run an award cycle end-to-end, from the call for applicants to the final presentation of winner(s).

Q: Organizer/Applicant: What can we use for marketing if we’ve won the award? How will people know?

GuildQuality produces trophies to present to the honorees at the organization’s award ceremony. We also have a press release template that we can share with you. Most of the time, the partnering organization reveals the winners at a ceremony and promotes winners through an email/social media/website announcement, a publication, or other means.

Q: Applicant: How does the surveying work?

You will provide a list of customers with their contact information. The required number of customers is determined per each award, but in general, it is no fewer than 20. We will survey those customers by email, phone, and mail card. Here’s an illustration of the full survey process. The survey template we will use is short (no more than 17 questions), and will give you both qualitative and quantitative feedback. A password-protected online account will be created for you where all of the survey responses will be collected, and you’ll be immediately notified by email each time a homeowner responds to a survey. A GuildQuality representative will reach out to you to walk you through that online account.

Q: Applicant: How will my homeowners know who you are and why you’re calling them?

It’s a great idea to let your clients know that you’re being considered for a customer service award and to expect a call/email from GuildQuality. Here’s a template you can use as a guide if you’d like to send an email or a letter. It’s not advised to ask for a particular score, however.

Q: Applicant: How do I know you’re not turning around and selling my clients’ information?

We absolutely do not do that. Privacy is important to us, you can view our complete policy here. In short, GuildQuality will not share specific survey response information or customer contact information with anyone other than you without your consent. When results are shared with the partnering organization, scores are aggregated.

Q: Applicant: How long does the process take?

Once we’ve received your customer contact list, we’ll begin surveying right away. You can expect to see survey responses coming back in as few as 3 days. The entire survey process will take between 30-60 days.

Q: Organizer/Applicant: Who decides on the final winners?

GuildQuality will compile of all of the results and rank applicants based on a composite score of customer satisfaction and response rate. After reviewing with the partner organization and ensuring that all applicants have met the qualifying criteria, a predetermined number of winners will be awarded.

Q: Applicant: How will I know if I’ve won?

The announcement of winners is made by the partnering organization. Often this is done at an awards ceremony.

Q: Applicant: I am already a GuildQuality member. Do I have to re-survey my customers?

Nope, we will use your current customer data that we’ve already collected for you. We’ll reach out to you to confirm you’ve achieved the minimum qualifications and discuss any steps necessary to get you there if not.

Q: Applicant: Do we get any discounts with GuildQuality for participating in an award?

You do! We think you should “try before you buy”, and participating in an award often leads a company to want to join GuildQuality to continue surveying customers and using that valuable information to make business improvements and promote excellence to potential clients. For anyone who participates in a Service Excellence Award, we’ll offer a 20% discount on GuildQuality survey fees. Membership plans start at as little as $100/month.

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