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Legacy Builders and Remodelers

How did you get into this business?

I started out as a Kitchen Designer in 1980 learning from my dad. We worked together for 13 years until I ventured out on my own in 1993. Since then we have been operating our own remodeling firm, first as Detail Home Improvement and later changing the name to Legacy Builders and Remodelers as the company size and image grew.

What is your favorite memory of doing business on LI?

Our favorite memory is the excitement of one of our clients when we told them we had won our first “Contractor of the Year” award for the addition and renovation we had done at their home. Andy and Sue Conticelli had been so excited about the project to begin with, the award was the perfect finishing touch.

How are you different from your competition?

Everything about our business is predicated on how it will effect our client’s remodeling experience. Every decision made, from what vendors we do business with, to creation of project schedules, to how we will clean and care for their homes during construction is with the intent that our clients deserve the finest white glove treatment possible.

  • Better Business Bureau
  • NARI - Long Island, New York
  • NARI Certified Kitchen & Bath Remodeler, CKBR
  • NARI Certified Remodeler
  • National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI)

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Miksol Linaks answered:

Apr 14, 2024
Your excitement and inclusivity within the creative community are truly inspiring. spacebar clicker 
How long does it take for water to stop dripping at the faucet after the main shutoff valve is applied?

Eric Leen answered:

May 30, 2019
Hey Bin, If you havent done this before, then follow this, shutdown the Valve first then open the faucet from both sides upwards and downwards. If you still need more information you can possibly get ... read more

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