GuildMaster Awards

Guildmaster Awards

Our annual Guildmaster Awards celebrate service excellence in the building, remodeling, contracting, and real estate professions. Each year, GuildQuality gives special recognition to the companies that demonstrate an ability to deliver a consistently superior customer experience.

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Guildmaster Qualifications

The GuildQuality Guildmaster Awards celebrate service excellence among home builders, remodelers, developers, property managers, home services contractors, and real estate professionals. The awards are open to all Guildmembers and GuildQuality will begin accepting applications in October. GuildQuality announces the award winners in April of the following year.

In granting awards, GuildQuality considers two primary metrics for each candidate: the percentage of customers who would recommend and the percentage of customers who responded. Incorporating a high response rate into the calculation enables us to confidently recognize top performing companies, however, in many cases, some companies will receive very high customer satisfaction scores but may not qualify because too few customers responded to a survey.

Minimum recommendation rate

The primary requirement for receiving a Guildmaster Award is exemplary customer service, as demonstrated by an extremely high customer recommendation rate. In the home building, remodeling, and real estate industry, the average customer recommendation rate for businesses is approximately 70%. In order to receive a Guildmaster Award, a member must achieve a recommendation rate of 90% or greater.

Number of survey responses reviewed and minimum required response rate

In considering eligibility for an award, GuildQuality reviews survey feedback received from all customers who were sent a survey in the current calendar year. If that includes fewer than 20 survey responses (as is often the case for companies with a small number of customers each year), GuildQuality includes older responses in the review as well, so that the feedback from the most recent 20 customers who responded to a survey are considered. Under no circumstances are Guildmembers with fewer than 20 survey responses eligible for a Guildmaster Award.

In addition to a minimum number of survey responses, GuildQuality also requires a minimum response rate of 50%.

Customers who receive multiple surveys over the course of their relationship with the Guildmember

In many cases, a Guildmember may survey the same customer multiple times. In a typical scenario, a Guildmember may survey a homebuyer at the time of contract, shortly after closing, and a third time one year after closing. For the purposes of calculating these awards, GuildQuality considers survey volume rather than customer volume. As such, some Guildmaster Award winners may receive their award based on multiple surveys from the same customers.

Active Guildmembers only

To be eligible for an award, a company must be a Guildmember in good standing at the time of nomination and through the public review period. After receiving an award, companies with lapsed memberships may continue to promote their status as Guildmaster Award Winners, but only current Guildmembers will be promoted on the GuildQuality website.

Applying for an Award

From late October through December 15th, members can apply for the following year's Guildmaster Awards. For an application to be accepted, a member must verify that they have provided (or will provide by the end of the current year) GuildQuality with a complete and unabridged list of their customers, excluding any disclosed exceptions.


For operational reasons, a member may not survey certain types of customers or jobs. Some examples: A new home builder might not survey about small remodeling projects done for past clients, a design-build remodeler might not survey handyman clients, a condominium developer who also owns apartment buildings might not survey apartment residents, or a landscape installer might not survey maintenance-only customers.

Applicants who do not survey all of their customers are required to disclose those omissions in their award application. We reserve the right to reject applications that contain exceptions that we deem too broad or vague.

So that visitors to our website can understand whether all customers were surveyed and what was the profile of excluded customers, GuildQuality publishes the exceptions for each of its award winners in the winner’s award profile.

Customers Omitted From Surveying

A Guildmember may exclude a specific customer from surveying and retain their Guildmaster eligibility provided the candidate provides GuildQuality with the omitted customer’s project information. In these cases, GuildQuality records a "Would Not Recommend" rating on behalf of the omitted customer.

Public Review

While it is the responsibility of the applicant to provide GuildQuality with an unabridged customer list for surveying, we rely on the general public to police the completeness of each application.

For a period of 60 days following each candidate’s application, the candidate is listed as an applicant for the forthcoming year’s Guildmaster Awards. During this time, the Guildmember’s Profile and Customer Report will include a reference to their candidacy and a link for past customers to notify GuildQuality if they have not previously received a survey.

If GuildQuality determines that a candidate has omitted a customer from the survey process (other than those customers they disclose as "exceptions"), GuildQuality may, at its sole discretion, disqualify the candidate, make the member ineligible for future awards, and/or cancel their membership.

Announcing the Award Winners

After the 60 day review period, GuildQuality will review the survey activity and customer feedback for each eligible candidate to determine if they qualify for an award based on the requirements established for that year’s Guildmaster Awards. All winners will be announced in April.