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United Enhancement Group

United En­hance­ment Group is a full in­sured and li­censed re­mod­el­ing and Con­struc­tion Com­pany pro­vid­ing a full range of home de­sign and con­struc­tion ser­vices in­clud­ing kitchens, bath­rooms, floor­ing, paint­ing win­dows, roof­ing and plumb­ing work.

United En­hance­ment Group is a fam­ily op­er­ated highly skilled, ex­pe­ri­enced and pro­fes­sional. Our mis­sion is sim­ple, we pro­vide our cus­tomers ex­cel­lent ser­vice by pro­fes­sional crew and in­no­va­tive de­sign so­lu­tion for our cus­tomers in Pitts­burgh. Ev­ery project – re­gard­less of size – is as­signed a per­sonal project man­ager who helps mon­i­tor the project through com­ple­tion.

United En­hance­ment Group pro­fes­sional project man­agers and de­sign­ers take the time to know you and your home in or­der to cre­ate the am­bi­ence ide­ally suited to your life­style, lo­ca­tion, and bud­get. As a fam­ily-owned com­pany, we place a high value on cus­tomer ser­vice and want to de­light all our cus­tomers. We of­fer a free ini­tial con­sul­ta­tion and es­ti­mate to find out if we are a match for you.


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Answers from contractors near Monroeville, PA

I just change my water heater, it is 50 gallons big, the thermostat is on letter "c" one level less that very hot. Why water gets cold in the middle of shower?
Feb 14, 2017
What make & model is your new water heater?
best way/product to clean hardwood floors
Sep 23, 2014
I seocnd the White vinager method. That is how i clean my own hardwood floors. 

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