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The Maple Ridge Group

The Maple Ridge Group is located in Charlottesville, Virginia and serves all of the home building and renovation needs of its very special clients within the surrounding area. Our company is staffed with high-caliber professionals who are gifted and passionate about their work.

Answers from contractors near Charlottesville, VA

What is the best way to kill and remove about 1/3 acre of poison ivy? Some of it is on the ground but it is also climbing trees.
Aug 15, 2014
Awesome answer.  Goat are machines and they do have rental goats.  You will need to keep them penned up where you need them though or they will clear you out. 
Can vinyl shutters be painted? We have some shutters that were black but have since become very faded.
Aug 15, 2014
The shutters on my own home are painted, although not well.  I think the consideration becomes is when the cost of painting them approaches about 70% the cost of new.  Shutters aren't terrible expens ... read more

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