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S.A. Baxter, Inc.

We specialize in residential remodeling driven by our clients’ priorities. Our company was founded in 1999 from one carpenter’s exceptional ability to find innovative remodeling solutions. He knew many homeowners were abandoning their hopes of more and better living space because contractors had told them “It can’t be done.” He also knew homeowners were investing large amounts of their time, money, and dreams planning projects they could not afford to build. They were victims of an outdated protocol: developing a complete design and only then enlisting a builder to price the work. Our carpenter saw that homeowners were all too often being led down paths of inefficiency, uncertainty, and, often, failure. They had no idea how much their job might cost, nor how long it might take to build, as they planned their projects. Our carpenter knew that the advice of a good builder in the earliest planning stages would mean that informed decisions could be made and that many more homeowners would no longer have their hopes dashed by “sticker shock.”


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Answers from contractors near San Francisco, CA

I have a client that would like to frame, insulate & drywall over a exterior door in her kitchen. The home is in DC are there any code issues or permits req?
Jul 25, 2016
yes I would be concerned about the egress issue (or the ways in which you can exit the home).  I would always check with the building department.  Philip HDR Remodeling Berkeley Ca
How do I get ceiling properly inspected ....a crack continues to reopen ... Not satisfied with builders repairs
Apr 4, 2016
this is very common in new homes.  I would work with the builder first.  That is the easiest way to correct the problem.  They are in the buiness of building home and need good referrals  I would try ... read more

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