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R C Tile Marble Creations

R.C. Tile and Marble is your one stop for all the finest tile, marble and granite products. At R.C. Tile and Marble, we are ready to assist homeowners, contractors, architects and interior designers. We are a professional company that works with any kind of tile and natural stone. Our goal is to create an experience that will keep you smiling for years to come. Our founder has over 40 years experience in designing unique interior living areas made of tile, marble and granite stone. Bring your ideas and questions! We are ready to assist you with all of your projects: kitchen counters, stone floors, mosaics, custom finishes, granite counters and more. There isn't a granite or marble job we can't do. Our showroom has hundreds of samples on hand to allow you to see what the products look and feel like. Our showroom is located just off Highway 101 on Spence road in Salinas, serving the Central Coast from Monterey to San Francisco. We give our best on every project, big or small. Give us a call today! Tile Contractor Salinas CA,Tile,Marble contractor,MarbleFlooring Flooring Contractor Flooring Contractors Salinas

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What is involved in switching my fireplace to gas? (time, cost, effort?)
Nov 30, 2016
There are a very wide veriety of gas fireplace inserts.   1. Check with the city to see what you can install.  Some cities are now requiring sealed units 2. Do not try runing a gas line by yourself.   ... read more
What is the best flooring for a cold, damp basement? There is existing carpet over a concrete slab.
Oct 20, 2014
I would work backwards and figure out what you can do abou the moistue.  Do downspouts dump water right on the foundation or do they do what they are suppose to do which is move water downhill and at ... read more

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