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Presidential Remodeling

started in 1999 presidential remodeling has expanded it's product line from roofing and siding to all exteriors and attic insulation...We've had some of the same people here since day 0ne...We warranty every job ,but we've had very few call to use our warranty.Do it right the first time and it will last usually the life of the homeowner.We treat all customers with the same high quality service.We are an A licensed company,which is the top license in the State of VA.We have some great discounts on some products at certain times of the year.WE ALSO DO INSURANCE WORK for people who've homes have been damaged by recent storms.


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Answers from contractors near Fairfax, VA

Do you have to use a specific light bulb when using a dimmer switch.
Aug 22, 2016
Dimmer switch plates will tend to get hotter with bulbs that are not suited for them. Standard halogen or incandescent bulbs work great. If using CFL's for the lighting they should be specifically for ... read more
What's the difference between a "replacement window" and a "new construction" window?
Feb 19, 2014
Big +1 to Abe's feedback. He is 100% right on the differences. Inserts can be done very effectively with no weak links in the system in a vast majority of the cases.  Where it really pays dividends to ... read more

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