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Milestone Construction LLC

Milestone Construction is a construction company located in Hammond, Wisconsin, proudly serving Western Wisconsin and the Twin Cities.The owner of our company has worked on projects large and small, commercial to residential, The State Capital of Minnesota to custom Lake Homes in Green Lake Wisconsin. That’s him in the pictures, he knows how to do the work not just tell someone else how to do it. That experience ensures that “We build it like it’s our own” is the truth. You can trust us to treat you and your home with the respect and care you deserve. We’re a company that believes in giving back to our community, which is why we support Habitat for Humanity™.

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If you get it in writing that your roof installation will not be too heavy for the frame of your home, and a few months later your roof is sinking and the frame is cracking, is the roofer responsible?
Feb 21, 2018
Did you do diligence to see who you were dealing with? Was the roofer licensed or required to be by the state or local unit of governement? ? Was a permit pulled and the job inspected by a building of ... read more
Best way to detect a leak in a residential irrigation sprinkler system?
Apr 29, 2014
Hi John,  Turn on your sprinklers for the zone your leak is on and let it run. The area where the leak is will cause the ground around it to be soaked and water logged more so than any other area. The ... read more

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