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Grand Expediters NYC

Grand Expediters NYC is an Expediting, Architectural & Engineering Consulting company in New York City -

Serving all of the five boroughs of New York City.

We offer superior services to our clients from the beginning of a project to it's completion phase.


-Pre-planning -Preparation of Application -Pre-Filing & Payment -Approval Process -Permit Process -Sign off (Letter of Completion) and or Issuance of Certificate of Occupancy

Our Experience:

Architectural & Engineering services:

- Pre-design (Interior, Residential & Commercial Design) - Structural: Steel / Concrete / Masonry / Timber - Facade Restoration Compliance with Local Law 11/98 - Mechanical Systems - HVAC - As Built Drawings - Special & Controlled Inspections - Rendering - Detailing - Construction Management - Estimating - Handicap Compliance with Local Law 58/87

We specialize in:

Department of Buildings:

- Alteration I (changes the Certificate of Occupancy)

- Alteration II ( interior renovation) -

Permits: Construction - Plumbing - Underpinning - Shoring and Bracing, Structural Stability

Footing & Foundation - Firestops -

Mechanical -Sprinkler - Standpipe - Equipment Use Permit Cards - Permit Renewals -

Post approval Amendments - Application changes - Withdrawals & Reinstatements - Letter of Completion (Sign Off)

Stop Work Orders & Rescind Letters - Violation Search -

Removal/Dismissal of Violations - Research - Certificate of Corrections - Tracking number for contractors -

Landmark Preservation Commission:

- Interior & Exterior filings - Attendance of ECB Hearings

Environmental Control Board: (ECB)

- Violation Search -Attendance of ECB Hearings - Construction Violations - Occupancy Violations - Work Without a Permit Violations

City Surveyor's Office:

- Sub Division of Tax Lots - Tax Zoning Lot Mergers

Housing Preservation and development (HPD)

- Violation search - Removal of Violation

The Loft Board:

Loft Board Approvals


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Answers from contractors near New York, NY

Inspection of the attic space after the new roof I noticed nailing for ridge vent split wood, is this still secure enough and should there be a bug barrier
Sep 17, 2018
That would really be a question for the roofer on the split wood.  As for a bug barrier; that would be a question for a pest control company but that has never been a significant issue in our experien ... read more
Before hiring an architect or designer for my addition, what sort of questions should I ask them?
Nov 15, 2016
* Is he Licensed with the county you planing to build the addition ? * How long he was in business ? * What type of projects he has done in the past ? Sincerely  Nicolas 

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