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Fluid Plumbing & Heating

FLUID is a full-service plumbing company for residential and commercial locations in need of expert plumbers. Our services are offered to both residential and commercial clients in need of our plumbing expertise. Since the 1st days of inception here, we have built a solid reputation on our extensive knowledge and our quality workmanship. There is no such thing as cutting a corners here. Simply, we perform the steps that most tradesmen skip to benefit themselves. Fluid's Staff is trained to complete all services above and beyond what is excepted as todays trade standards. Company policy states that any and all work will be completed with the customers best interest as top priority. As a service based company we aim to correct customers plumbing problems in the most efficient and economical way possible. We are professionals of this trade and we will never shortchanging the customers actual repairs! We guarantee to do the job above standard and right the first time. FLUID serves Montgomery County PA and surrounding areas. If you are not sure if we cover your area, contact us. 24-Hour Emergency Services Water Main and Sewer Service Repairs Complete Kitchen and Bath Remodeling Hot Water Heaters Drain Cleaning and Repair Sump Pumps and Water Proofing Call 610-584-4868 for more information or to inquire for services not listed.

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Standard electrical work or sub standard?

Mike Goldberg of RestoreCore PRO answered:

Oct 16, 2015
I agree with answer 1.  The electrician should have had his work inspected by an independant electrical inspection agency.  they would place a sticker on the panel bos.  you can also contact the inspe ... read more
What is the best way to install 30" high x 72" wide x 5/8 thick double pane fixed glass in vertical wall on roof. I am replacing "cloudy"existing ones
Feb 16, 2015
Glenn- I agree with my colleagues that you should hire a professional to do this.  Contact the manufacturer and see if they will install the glass, what the cost is, and how long the installation warr ... read more

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