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Pro South Roofing

Pro South Roofing is the South's premier insurance claim roofing company, specializing in repairs and full replacement of hail and wind storm damaged roofs. More often than not, your insurance carrier will cover all damage to your roof, due to hail and wind storms. As insurance specialists, we contact your insurance carrier, negotiate on your behalf, and will meet with their adjuster to get approval for the repairs and/or the new roof.

Answers from contractors near Smyrna, GA

We have Thermofoil kitchen cabinets that were white but have yellowed over the last 15 years. Can you paint Thermofoil?
Oct 2, 2015
Some of our local painters have had success painting over thermafoil. Make sure you rough up the fronts a bit with a fine grit sandpaper which will help the paint adhere. Talk to your local paint stor ... read more
Does anyone know of a reliable exterior house painter that is well versed in historical home preservation?
Aug 30, 2014
 Older homes are a specialty. Check with homes near by and ask neighbors. If neighbors have have had a good experience often they will be willing to share a phone number.  Be sure that the contractor ... read more

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