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Geremia Pools

The Geremia family has been building swimming pools for over 50 years and serving the construction needs in the Sacramento Valley since 1922. Each generation of Geremia family members has grown up in the business and continues the commitment to build quality pools without compromise. Third and fourth generation family members are at the helm today.

Every pool is a custom creation, skillfully built to change the ordinary into the spectacular! From smaller family pools to the ultimate in outdoor entertainment complexes, Geremia Pools makes any pool design uniquely yours.

Our reputation for quality has built our business. Since the inception of a pool industry national rating system, Geremia Pools Inc. has been ranked within the top 50 pool builders in the United States. Geremia Pools is a consistent award winner among the elite pool builder’s worldwide and has been voted by the readers of Sacramento Magazine as the best regional builder. We can tackle varying elevations, yards with unique shapes, and build within your budget. Geremia believes in individual customer satisfaction, and in building quality without compromise. Geremia Pools is an active member in regional, national, and international industry associations. To meet our commitment to quality we actively promote the highest professional business excellence and construction quality—not only within our company, but for our industry.

Geremia Pools has elevated its business with the launch of GEOSMART TECHNOLOGY™ system, a home performance system that can help you save up to 70% on your home heating and air conditioning. This is a hybrid ground-and-pool energy source system. The swimming pool is included as part of the energy transfer system. This significantly lowers the cost of installation since many people already have the pool or plan on putting one in. It is a natural extension of Geremia’s pool and construction expertise.


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