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Arnold's Home Improvement

I have always been an entrepreneur. Whether cutting grass, cleaning parking lots or shoveling snow, I have always enjoyed helping people and making a little money.

When I was 16, a friend of mine asked me if I wanted to help his brothers-in-law, Toledo firefighters Tom Dugan and Tom Farley, with a few roofing jobs. After a couple of weeks, I was hooked; heights never bothered me and I enjoyed the hard work. I worked with them until I was 18 years old, when an injury to Tom D. presented me with the opportunity to purchase their tools and truck. The next day, I started Arnold’s Roofing.

I love my job. If I didn’t have passion for what I do, we wouldn’t be in business today. Our goal is to be a resource for home owners and provide our customers with the best possible experience.

Like a lot of start-up businesses, those early days were hard. Most days I would wake up at 4 or 5 in the morning, head to the job site and work with the guys all day long. Then I would go home, get cleaned up and go out to my estimate calls in the evening. Some days I wouldn’t get done with everything until 1 am. Looking back, I wouldn’t change a thing.

When I started back in 1990, I wanted to bring a customer-focused, service-oriented mindset to the home improvement field. The idea of being able to help people understand and work their way through to a successful home improvement project is why I started Arnold’s Roofing.

To this day, that has not changed.

Our relentless commitment to making sure our customers are completely satisfied is still priority number one. We still hold very true to our core values of operating this company with complete honesty and integrity. We don’t telemarket and don’t employ pushy, aggressive, annoying sales people.

We understand that Arnold’s Home Improvement is only as good as the laborer on the job site cleaning up. I could be the best business owner in the world, but to our customers, we are only as good as the people they deal with.

We work hard to educate and provide home improvement resources, tips and information to help you better understand your home improvement project, what to ask before hiring a home improvement company and how best to work with a home improvement contractor.

We still think it’s important that when you call our office, we answer the phone. That is why our office is staffed with knowledgeable service professionals to answer questions and assist with scheduling your free, no-hassle estimate.

– Jason Arnold, Owner


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It would be in the best interest of maintaining the quality of the material to use an over the door wreath hanger. Happy Holidays 

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